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Explore countryside to sanctuary My Son

(One day: 8AM - 3/4PM)

From the hotel, we drive to riverside countryside by the Thu Bon river sit on a basket boats and gently swim under the foliage growing inside the river to take pictures and continue driving away from the noise and bustle of the urban goes on a winding path across a small bridge between sparsely populated villages and field. We enjoy the cool, quiet space with the scent of plants and meet some farmers to take pictures and chat with them.

Although the language is different, you still understand because they always greet you with a smile before you visit My Son holy land. Then we enjoy local food and then drive to the winding road in the hills, this place is quiet and sparsely populated, fields intermingled with villages. We stop to take pictures in many places with the beauty of the old village and learn about handicrafts before going to the natural waterfall on the Truong son mountain range. Here we will walk up the hill hidden in the high Mountains to explore the beautiful architecture among the deserted mountains and look down below to see the unspoiled natural scenery with peaceful lake stretching to the waterfall. Continue we go to the stream to swim.

Leaving here, continue to drive winding on high hills down to valleys where wild grass is mixed with rice fields. We will take many of the best photos of the adventure when we return to Hội An and stop at a place to visit the famous silkworm farming industry that has existed for centuries to this day. we discover and experience the truth about the indigenous people weaving many ancient patterns and landscapes on silk fabric.

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