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Journey to Ho Chi Minh city

(8 days - 7 nights)

The first day

Depart: Hoi An 8.00am Arrive: Phuoc Son 4.00pm

• We start with a visit to a local fishing village on the beautiful Thu Bon river.

• Then travel across the bridge onto quiet rural roads past picturesque rice paddies and visit the workshops of local villages to see some amazing handcraft artisans. Watch traditional rice paper making and matt weaving before we move on to My Son Holyland.

• Visit My Son Holyland, stopping there for lunch.

• Leave My Son Holyland and head for the Thu Bon river where we cross by boat. As we travel the mountain road we will see many locals tending their crops using timeless traditional farming methods. We visit a pineapple plantation to learn how pineapples are grown. As we travel you will be treated to some wonderful rural views, we have plenty of time to take memorable photos.

• We will join the famous Ho Chi Minh Road and then stay on the trail all the way to Da Lat.

• We pass the first of many beautiful waterfalls, another great photo opportunity and rest. On we go to the small but very old town of Phuoc Son which is our first night stop. There is plenty of time to explore, relax and talk about the day’s experiences.

The second day

Depart: Phuoc Son, 8.00am Arrive: Kon tum, 4.00pm

• After breakfast we continue our journey on the Hoc Chi Minh road, we travel up the mountain to the Lo xo pass, we will see many small interesting ethnic groups villages along the way.

• A rest stop is taken at a beautiful natural forest where we visit our second waterfall for a refreshing swim and relax. You will appreciate the peace and serenity of an untouched natural wonderland free from the normal bustle of commercialised tourist attractions.

• Still on the HCM road we start our climb, our next stop takes us to see the long communal house of another of the ethnic minority group. You will marvel at the complex architecture of this ancient traditional house, you can walk through the house with its traditional decorations.

• We then ride on for an adrenaline rush as we cross a river via the wooden Suspension bridge. Listen to the music of the bridge as you take each step. We can also take some time to rest and add to your increasing portfolio of memorable photos, enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery.

• We stop for lunch along the road at an excellent local restaurant where you will sample more great local dishes.

• After our leisurely lunch we ride through rubber plantations, where you will learn about rubber harvesting.

• Next stop, Kon Tum for the night, we will visit a very old and beautiful wooden Christian church before checking in at our hotel for the night. Maybe it’s time for a cold beer and a chat before dinner.

The thirds day

Depart: Kon Tum, 8.00am Arrive: Buon Me Thuot, 5.00pm

• Today we climb to the mountain plateau, our remaining ride to Da Lat will be along the plateau. We make plenty of stops for resting and so you can take in the natural beauty of this country. Our pace is leisurely, so you can experience the breathtaking scenery and capture more wonderful photo memories.

• The first stop from Kon Tum is Bien Ho lake, the vista from here is indeed stunning. Take a short rest, reflect on the simplicity of life here and how different it is from your home country.

• Riding on through beautiful coffee plantations, home to some of the most famous Vietnamese coffee’s, we arrive at our lunch stop and yes, more fantastic local specialties and we get to sample some exceptional Vietnamese coffee.

• After an excellent lunch, we continue stopping at an amazing ancient pagoda before reaching today’s destination of Buon Me Thuot. A big ride today, so you have earned a few refreshments before dinner.

The fours day

Depart: Buon Me Thuot, 8.00am Arrive: Lak Lake, 2.00pm

• Each day it seems the country through which we travel becomes even more beautiful, this is certainly true of day 4.

• Saying goodbye to Buon Me Thuot for the Tay Nguyen Forest. Taking a short 10-minute walk into the forest you will delight at the size and beauty of the hidden waterfall. We spend about 1 hour relaxing and exploring, you have many photo opportunities so you will always remember the beauty of this forest.

• We continue off-road taking in the stunning beauty of the natural grasslands, arriving at a pepper plantation where you will learn how pepper is grown, harvested and processed. We stop here at another local restaurant, like so many parts of Vietnam, each community can offer something really special and different for lunch, this is no exception.

• After another memorable lunch and a short ride, we arrive at today’s destination, Lak Lake. You have plenty of time to visit Yun village, one of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam where you can walk at your leisure through the village observing the traditional way of life which hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years or more. For a small fee you can take an unforgettable ride around the large lake on an elephant.

• When you are ready we will go the short distance to the resort by the lake for our evening stay. From your villa you will have a stunning view of the lake, take the time to drink in the peacefulness and beauty, indeed a very relaxing place for our stay.

The fifth day

Depart: Lak Lake, 8.00am Arrive: Da Lat, 4.30pm

• Today we will arrive at our final destination of Da Lat but maybe we have kept the best till last. After the beauty of the Lak Lake it only gets better, unbelievable but true. Be ready for a day of extreme beauty and amazing exploring.

• We will be travelling to the top of the mountain. Today we ride through many typical rural villages where you will see local people going about their daily life. You will experience the simplicity and tranquillity of village life, a life far different from the frantic pace of Ho Chi Minh road or Hanoi.

• Today we are heading for coffee and tea growing county but first we must stop for lunch and very good coffee and tea at a local restaurant. After lunch we ride to a tea plantation high in the mountains. You will learn about tea growing before we go on to a very old temple, marvel at the marble, that’s right, the 15mt tall marble budda.

• The waterfalls just get higher and more breathtaking, we stop at elephant waterfall for photos, exploring and relaxing.

• Now we move on to a silk worm farm, you can see the whole silk manufacturing process from growing the worms, harvesting, and weaving, dyeing and finally into beautiful silk garments. You can even buy some silk products which were made on the farm.

• If watching silk making isn’t enough, we now move on to a coffee plantation. You can see how the famous coffee weasels enhance the taste of this exquisite and exotic coffee. Drinking weasel coffee is a must do activity.

• Now we must sadly head for Da Lat and the end of our journey, but we continue to travel along the mountain road, the scenery and views are simply magnificent all the way to Da Lat. We can stop for photos and rest whenever you want and finally arriving at Da Lat at 5.00pm. 

During the long journey from Hội An to Sài Gòn, there will be many interesting landmarks waiting for us to discover, for intiant Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary holly land, one of the most ancient temple of the Champa minority in Việt Nam, mountains inhabitants and their featured tea planting on highland, waterfalls ơn highland, waterfalls on high mountains inside old forests, and many other Vietnamese signature  culture that all welcome our friends to.

The Sixth Day

Depart Đà Lạt 8:00 AM, arrive Bảo Lộc 4:30 PM

Da Lat to Bảo Lộc Leaving the hotel in the morning we will ride around to enjoy looking at the very beautiful sight where is not many people know. Going through the tea hill under the blue lake, to cross over many narrow passes. Then ride up to the top of the hill, at here you can not only experience the sublimity of these waterfalls but also going there for cloud hunt and ecozones’. Crossing the bridges under the cool waterfall, take a rest, enjoy swimming and take some photo. After we continue to go through the forest then stop for specialities on a cool plateau around the year. We will go inside temples, there is another waterfall in an unspoiled forest then we will stay at Bảo Lộc town with gorgeous sight

The Seventh day

Depart: Bảo Lộc 8:00 AM; Arrive Nam Cát Tiên 4:30PM

Bảo Lộc to Nam Cát Tiên Leaving the hotel the next morning we will ride on a quiet narrow and winding pass. Here you can the cloud cover all the hills. This framework will show us how lonely this place is. I'm sure there are some beautiful sights that you have never seen before. After we will stop on a side of the road for local food then we will ride down to the pass with having only trees along the road. It's harder to find some house here, normally was located up to the side of the mountain. Then we continue to ride down to the valley to visit the Nam Cát Tiên National Park. This is an old-growth forest with green vegetation and wild animals. The coolest time to come here around Dec to May. Enjoy taking a photo then we stay here

The eighth Day

Depart: Nam Cát Tiên 8:00 AM; Arrive Sài Gòn 3 or 4 PM.

Nam Cát Tiên to Sai Gòn Leaving here at 8 am then we ride inside the valley of the primitive hill. Riding along Đồng Nai river and flowing the waterfall. At here you can feel the coldness on your skin. We will stop here for a photo then ride up to the main road for having lunch and then continue to go to Sai Gòn

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